Blackberry Buttercream Frosting ( on chocolate cupcakes) – Super Quick and Easy!

It was a beautiful day today. Hitting a near 80 F out in Cary, NC. As gorgeous a day it was, my furry friend decided it was a great day to officially decimate the dead fig tree. Well I had minor hopes of a miracle on the fig . You see it was lush and beautiful and even borne a couple of fruits, but it did not survive our whacko weather out here. Snow and more snow and then bright sunshine and crazy temperature fluctuations. So when then main anchor trunk ( more like it was wisp of a twig) broke and it was field day out for my 4 legged friend. Not only did she decimate it, she also quite helpfully dug a hole  for the next one to be planted. With spring break on and puppy chasing around the house, we finally got to get some minor work done.  I think M ( my furry friend) secretly watched Marley and Me in her mother’s womb. She has a near indestructible appetite for edible and non edible things !

My moment of glory!
My moment of glory!

While things were running amok and in the midst of cleaning up the kids playroom, I decided to experiment on eggless cinnamon rolls.  While preheating the oven, I thought this also calls for a batch of  chocolate cupcakes. Actually make that 24 chocolate cupcakes and then inspiration struck me. I needed  something nice and pretty on the frosting . I had been wanting to try the  blackberry frosting for some time. Thought it would be nice and not sickly sweet to top the chocolate cupcakes with . I think this will also go perfect with a batch of  lemon cupcakes or vanilla cupcakes .

 Just perfect buttercream frosting that incorporates ingredients from your pantry – butter, seedless blackberry jam  and confectioner’s sugar. That’s it ! Pretty neat eh??

Prep time : 15 min  

Frosting  for about 24 cupcakes


  • Unsalted butter : 16 Tbsp. ( 2 sticks) at Room Temperature
  • Confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar : 4 -4.5 cups sifted
  • Blackberry seedless jam : 1/2 cup

In a stand mixer , whip them all together for about 5 minutes or so  until the frosting is super creamy and smooth and thick.

 Pipe it out on your favorite cupcakes.

Swirled on!
Swirled on!

For Lemon:

For Choco -banana:



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